Vodia PBX CPE licenses

License model for CPE licenses

The Vodia PBX customer-premises-equipment (CPE) licenses are available in different editions. Each editions is available with 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024 simultaneous calls. Inbound, outbound and internal calls all count as call.

The PBX license is based on an annual subscription model. Customers with an active subscription can use the software and upgrade the PBX software. When the subscription ends, the PBX will still serve certain inbound calls and emergency calls unless customers have purchased permanent licenses.

Available Editions

The CPE licenses are available in the following editions:

Feature Standard Pro Enterprise
Auto Attendant 1
DISA Account
Hunt Group
Paging Account
Service Flag
IVR Node
ACD Group 2
Conference Room 1
SIP Trunk 1
Automatic Recording
Manual Recording
CSTA Support
Call Barge In, Whisper, Monitor
CRM Integration
Cost Accounting

Entry level licenses

The annual subscription for a 4-call and the first 90 days of the 8- and 16-call standard licenses are free of charge. This makes is possible to get a quick start using the Vodia PBX without a financial commitment.

License upgrades

To upgrade an annual license, customers can just purchase the required number of calls subscription. The system will credit the previous subscription pro rata. If there was a permanent license, the permanent license also needs to be upgraded, where the price for the previous license will be credited during the purchase.

In order to upgrade from an existing extension-based license, customers can switch to an annual license. Those licenses will keep their permanent status for the selected number of calls. Customers may also choose to continue the maintenance plan associated with their license without the concurrent call model.

Where to get a license

Please contact sales or visit our online license portal.