The current trends in modern technology are relevant in the hospitality industry today. The latest trends indicate that speed and precision have become a major requirement in this sector. Fast is the new buzz word; Fast bookings, Fast check-ins, Fast and Free WiFi and Fast responses to customer service needs. Consumers are driving hoteliers to upgrade their services and amenities to match their expectations of value, innovation, immediacy, convenience and mobility. Modern day guest's definition of a great stay experience now includes amenities such as free Wi-Fi, online bookings, mobile apps for managing bookings and ordering room service from in-room tablets. Hotels that are adopting the newer technologies faster than their competition are not only becoming more appealing to guests but are also successfully increasing the profitability and efficiency of their property.

Special features for hospitality

  • Check in/out room: After a guest checks out, clear the mailbox, call lists and other data that the next guest should not see.
  • Maid codes: The maid can use the room phone for example to set the flag that the room has been cleaned.
  • Post call charge: A simple CDR mechanism is available that emulates the RS-232 connection from legacy systems.
  • Credit limit for guests: Define how much cost can be incurred by the room's guest phone.
  • Do-not-disturb: Keep the do not disturb in sync between the room and the phone system.
  • Restrict phone: Define what numbers a guest can call, for example which other extensions are available, or can external calls be made.

Vodia's PMS integration functionality allows the Vodia PBX to integrate with over 70 compliant PMS systems used in hotels and other hospitality environments. The PMS functionality enables the Vodia PBX and the PMS to synchronize the status of guests, rooms and other housekeeping functions between the PBX and the front desk.

Key Benefits

Increase efficiency through one entry point, your PMS. Increase the efficiency of your property and staff by saving time lost on manual duplicate entries into supporting IT systems. No need to copy guest details, rates, availability, phone usage and credit limit from your PMS into your phone system. They are synchronized automatically between the Vodia PBX and the PMS via our reliable two-way interface.
Automate housekeeping. Synchronize room availability with the front desk by automating housekeeping functions. Avoid overbooking by staying up-to-date with the actual availability of the room. Maid codes initiated from the hotel rooms automatically notify the front desk when the room is ready for the next check-in.
Cost savings. Integrating Vodia PBX with your PMS system allows your property to make use of Internet based SIP trunks for external calls, resulting in significant costs savings for the property which can be passed on to the guest to compete more effectively in the industry. Multi-property hotel chains can further lower infrastructure costs by integrating all on-site PMS systems to a single Vodia PBX system in the cloud.
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