Specific solution for education

Schools and other educational institutions are different from ordinary businesses. Their communication requirements are much about protecting students and staff, and their public areas are much more vulnerable to abuse. A prank emergency call can not only cause significant costs to the institution, many of those call can numb the early responders when there are real emergency cases. Having reliable and fast communication paths in the case of real emergency can make a significant difference. And providing teachers the way to communicate efficiently with the parents without giving up their privacy improves information flow in the day to day work.

Vodia's PBX solution provides educational institutions with the technology to help teachers and students at schools and universities communicate effectively in today's multicultural and global environment. Vodia's feature rich PBX platform helps education institutions improve their communication, increase security, boost productivity, and reduce costs by consolidating their communications services into a single platform. With features such as paging, voicemail-to-email, find-me/follow-me, conferencing and intercom, education institutions can now embrace the 21st-century learning environment.

Emergency calls

Prank calls are a central problem in schools and other institutions where students spend unsupervised time in classrooms. They cause significant costs for emergency response units and they reduce attention to real emergency situations.

With the Vodia PBX, you can selectively record calls to emergency numbers, so that students can be identified by their voice. You can also include front desk personell in the call, which can serve screening functions. Involving school staff in emergency calls also improves services when response uinits arrive at the site, avoid time consuming navigating through the building and first aid.

Key Benefits

Deployment ease. Migrate to IP painlessly through a completely software based solution that eliminates the need for any specialized hardware. Automatic plug and play of end devices enables zero-touch management for the IT department to administer a large pool of endpoints efficiently.
Improved productivity. Increase productivity and administrative efficiencies of the front-desk staff with intelligent call routing and IVR functionality while ensuring better staff, student and parent communication.
Conferencing. Improve student-teacher and parent-teacher interactions with multi-channel conferencing while eliminating costly expenditure on conference calls. Students who need help with an assignment can simply set up conference calls with teachers. Parents may discuss grades, attendance, behavior, and other matters with teachers.
Enhanced collaboration and mobility. Improve staff coordination through enhanced user presence enabling staff members to keep a track of their colleagues and the best way to reach them (phone, email or chat). Ensure 24/7 connectivity for administrators with built-in mobility features including find-me/follow-me, making sure they stay connected to the communications platform even when off campus.
School announcements. Broadcast important announcements and emergency alerts to the entire school through intercom and group paging with the touch of a button. Save the additional cost of installing a separate paging system by broadcasting announcements to IP phones and overhead speakers with paging capability built into to the Vodia PBX platform.
Directory services. Enable teachers, students and parents to easily locate and reach people using the school's online directory available on the Vodia PBX system. Directory entries may include telephone numbers and email addresses as well as other information provided by the individual (i.e., major, student status; department, work title).
Teacher privacy. Teachers can have their own telephone number that gets connected with their mobile phones, without releaving their phone numbers.
Cost savings. Lower your school's telephone bill by more than 60% by eliminating redundant leased voice lines and consolidating institution wide communication into a single platform.