Conference Room

Conference rooms mix the audio streams of connected parties.

  • Immediate conferences. Immediate conferences are simple, spur-of-the-moment conference that can be set up at the last minute. They can be protected by a static PIN code that remains the same until the administrator changes it. External callers can be blind-transferred into the conference room after the PIN code has been entered for them.
  • Scheduled conferences. Conferences can be scheduled from the web interface of the PBX through the user portal. The system sends invitations that include the access code through email.
  • Language control. The language used in a conference can be selected independently of the language in the domain.
  • Moderation modes. Different moderator modes are available that determine how the conference will get established and dissolved.
  • When entering conference. The conference leader can require that participants leave their name when entering the conference.
  • Music on hold. The conference room can be configured with music on hold for callers to listen to while waiting for the conference to begin.

If you want so, the PBX can call the conference participants up. For schedules conferences this happens when the event gets due. But you can do this also for spantaneous conferences. This intresting feature can be used to bring an expert group together when something happens, for example a group of medical professionals that take care about a patient.