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Please select the country where the device should be shipped. If you have any questions, please contact us at sales@vodia.com.

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Please contact 888 VoIP https://www.888voip.com/products/vodia to purchase Vodia devices in the United States.

Please contact DT Asia at https://www.dtasia.com.au/vodia-networks-ip-pbx/ to purchase Vodia devices in Australia and New Zealand.

Please contact DT Asia at https://dtasia.net/voip-systems/vodia-networks-ip-pbx/ to purchase Vodia devices in Asia Pacific.

We are using stripe for the credit card processing. If you prefer to pay by wire transfer (SEPA) please contact us with your VAT number, so that we can invoice you.

Thank you for your order. The order reference number is:

There was a problem with your order. Please contact us at sales@vodia.com to help you with the order.