Monitoring Agent Groups

Monitoring settings for the agent group are listed below:

  • Permissions to monitor this account: This setting defines which extensions may monitor the status of this account, for example with a BLF button. By default, all extensions are allowed to see the status of an account. The setting is a list of extensions and wildcard patterns, seperated by space characters. If the list element contains a "np" (no pickup) flag after a colon seperator, then the monitoring will show only if the account is idle or busy. An example for this settings would be "41 42 5* 61:np 70*:np". The "np" flag was introduced in version 61.
  • Queue Manager: This setting allows you to assign an extension as queue manager. Once an extension has been designated, the agent group's identity must be listed in the extension's "Show following ACD queues" field. This configuration is set from the user's extension account.
  • Send IM to these extensions: The agent group queue can be monitored from SIP phones that support the SIMPLE standard for instant messaging and presence. Multiple extensions are permitted in this field (use a comma as a space separator). Phone models with larger screens will be able to display the full message.
  • Send daily CDR report to: The call data record (CDR) lists all calls that came into the agent group on the previous day. The report is sent at midnight each night to the email addresses listed in this field. Use semicolons between multiple email addresses, since email addresses may contain spaces (e.g., Fred Feuerstein <>; Carl Clements <>). To prevent midnight emails, specify a different time using the next setting.
  • Send daily CDR report at: This setting allows you to specify the time that the CDR should be sent to the email address listed in the previous setting. It can be used to prevent midnight emails for groups are active at midnight and sent at a better fitting time.
  • Record incoming calls to agent groups: When this setting is enabled, the system records all calls that come into the agent group. The recordings can later be retrieved and reviewed.