IVR Nodes Features

IVR nodes have a multitude of features, shown in the table below:

Feature Functionality Benefit
Caller verification Callers are required to enter their account number when reaching an IVR. Caller verification expedites service to legitimate callers and prevents undesired callers from wasting employees' time.
Password call routing Callers are required to enter their password before getting routed to the correct destination. Password call-routing provides an automated means of controlling the flow of information to the appropriate contacts
Auto fax detection Upon detecting a calling signal from a fax, the system answers the call and sends it to your fax machine. A dedicated fax line/number is no longer needed to receive faxes.
Response-based routing Response-based routing uses caller input to route a call to the person or information best suited to assist. The system asks the caller a question, and the caller responds by entering a digit. By developing a series of questions to which the caller can respond, the system can effectively route the caller. Response-based routing saves time and the expense of an interviewer.
Expedited caller-ID routing Incoming calls that match a number currently on an IVR list are automatically routed to a pre-defined destination. Employees working outside the office can be connected to the correct department by dialing the main number. Preferred customers can be routed based on their caller-ID. Unwanted callers can be routed to "dead ends" or busy signals to discourage them from calling.
Announcement before ringing The system greets every caller with a uniform message prior to connecting the call:

Example: "Thanks for calling XYZ Sales. Please have your account code ready." "Thanks for calling Pizza King. Be sure to ask about today’s special."

Information can be delivered before the caller is connected. This prepares the caller, expedites call flow, and makes your initial greeting count.
HTTP integration The system can send a request to an external web server that may include information about the call and the user input. This way the system can make decisions where to send the call and link external applications with the PBX.