Overview of Domains

The Vodia PBX uses the notion of a domain since all IP systems are based on domains. A domain is essentially a logical group of users on the same network or computer that is linked to the Internet (the name must be a resolvable entity on the Internet via DNS so that it can get its IP address). Email is a type of IP system that employs domains; for example, users belong to domains like yahoo.com, google.com, and aol.com.

The Vodia PBX telephone system is similar in that it relies on domains. The Vodia PBX supports multiple domains and can be used to facilitate multi-tenant use.

  • pbx.companya.com
  • pbx.companyb.com
  • pbx.companyc.com

Users within the same domain on the Vodia PBX can call each other without going through a trunk. They can also access the same address book and share features, such as call monitoring and call park/pickup.

Creating a Domain

  • In the admin mode, click on List to show the list of domains on your PBX, as well as the section to create a new domain as shown.

  • Domains may have multiple names. The primary name will be used when the PBX sends requests from this domain.
  • Alias names are additional names that can be used to locate the domain on the server. Use spaces between the alias names.
  • If you have a domain backup as a .tar file, you may use it in the Create from file as a template to create the domain.
  • Press to create the new domain.
  • It will appear in the list of domains above, which you can click to enter.